Ukrgraninvest offers products of own production:

Granite cobble stones – Granite cobbles are durable and lasting for decades - becoming very prestigious lately. By means of granite paving stones it is possible to quickly create unusual and very beautiful surface. This ideal coverage for streets, squares and paths, where people walk often, for example in a garden or near the house. Use of this material is irreplaceable at paving of surfaces, that are used roughly (parking places, city streets, big central squares, roadways) and if there are many vibrations (movement of tram-cars in cities).

Curbs - with polished, heat-treated or cut surface.


Use of granite border far more economical, lasts for decades and more aesthetically beautiful, than it's cheaper analogue. Our firm produces cut and "crushed", with chamfer, granite borders of different type of treatment and different sizes.


Also such popular standards are included in the assortment of this type of product, as:


300*150*L with chamfer of 10mm or without


200*110*L with chamfer of 10mm or without


Production of the chopped border is also possible at customer will.


Granite tiles - with the bright-polished, heat-treated and cut surfaces (also available as slabs) of different thickness: from 2см to 45 cm


Just cut is a slightly rough surface of stone with tracks of treatment with an abrasive instrument.


Bright-polished is a smooth polished surface of stone with mirror brilliance, clearly reflecting the details of objects.


Heat-treated is bit a rough surface of stone with tracks of influence of high temperature plasma stream (gas burner), shows well expressed structure of stone.



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List of products available is really long. Among them are goods that are used in architecture of streets, boulevards, walk areas of cities. There are fountains and elements, granite spheres, granite monuments, memorable signs, columns, stands and other granite products available.


Also it we produce granite products for heavy industries - such as metallurgical industry and many other industries.


We make everything out of our granite.