Ukrgraninvest is an official representative of a Yantsevo granite quarry - eldest major granite quarry of Ukraine.


Our granite is presented in such architectural works as: Temple of Christ Rescuer, Large theater, riding Hall area, Museum of history of Great Patriotic War "Rodina Mat", Odessa opera theater, National stadium "Olympic", Hotel Kharkiv Palace and adherent area with included entrance to a subway.


These are the brightest objects brought to perfection with the use of our granite. On territories of western Europe - numberless amount of monuments, pedestals, fountains, obelisks and other architectural wares is set. Not a single grandiose building led without the use of our granite in Ukraine and former USSR.


We export our granite under the name REAL GREY.

List of products available is really long. Among them are goods that are used in architecture of streets, boulevards, walk areas of cities. There are fountains and elements, granite spheres, granite monuments, memorable signs, columns, stands and other granite products available.


Also it we produce granite products for heavy industries - such as metallurgical industry and many other industries.


We make everything out of our granite.


We satisfy our customers!

"Ukrgraninvest" LLC,

Kyiv, Ukraine

tel. +380 50 454-15-19