Granite cobble stones – Granite cobbles are durable and lasting for decades - becoming very prestigious lately. By means of granite paving stones it is possible quickly create unusual and very beautiful surface. This ideal coverage for streets, squares and paths where people walk often, for example in a garden or near the house. Use of this material is irreplaceable at paving of surfaces, that are used roughly (parking places, city streets, big central squares, roadways) and if there are many vibrations (movement of tram-cars in cities). Benefits of the use of granite cobbles are explained simply:


Granite cobbles are economical. Paving does not require repair practically. Using coverage from a natural stone costs 7-8 times cheaper, than coverages made of an asphalt or other materials. If you calculate costs of granite paving for the term of exploitation - benefit is obvious, because a quality principle will be realized "made to last".


Granite cobbles can last almost forever. Term of exploitation of granite exceeds any other known material applied in building, because it is better on: ability to resist to the atmospheric processes, temperature changes, pressure, vibration and shock resistance. Term of exploitation of the paved roadways is calculated by centuries.


Granite paving is aesthetically beautiful and prestigious. Most people associate cobble stones with past centuries and beauty in architecture it brings. There can be no puddles on the surface of granite cobble sett. The presence of gaps allows to moisture freely to penetrate and evaporate through the coverage. Offices, building and cottages, and a territory that is paved by a granite cobbles, acquire European look. This ideal coverage for courts and paths on a summer residence, in a garden of a house.


Granite paving is ecofriendly. Unlike asphalt surfaces, it does not belong to the group of carcinogenic materials that do have risk of development of cancer diseases.


Granite cobbles surface is easy to repair. At a necessity of repair works (for example - while mounting new underground communications etc.) surface is easily to disassemble, conduct necessary works and put it back together again. Granite cobbles are recommended to use in municipal environment in the places where underground communications are spread.


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