Laying granite cobble stones.


Laying granite cobbles is not an easy work, that can be executed by the most different ways. Term of use and aesthetic look of granite surface depends on professional qualities of specialists.


Specialists often use three basic types of laying granite cobble stones, it is:


- laying on sand;

- on a gravel;

- on a concrete.


The choice of one or another type depends on the personal possibilities, preferences and certainly a number of factors. Only experienced specialists can take into account these factors:


- it is a type of ground on that a granite cobbles are laid;

- it is a presence or absence curbs or any other fences;

- operating terms and environment (for example, laying cobbles for personal use strongly differs from laying on big city streets or squares).


Overall quality of all works will depend on preparation of ground and good marking. If in the process of paving all rules are taken into account, then you can not worry about longevity of the paved surface.


A modern consumer frequently prefers to trust such work, as paving of a granite cobble stones, only to experience masters. Specialists are ready to guarantee quality of the offered services.


Laying of cobble stones by the price of that is affordable and combines with high quality of works - that is what experience masters of company Ukrgraninvest can offer. We execute construction-works of any complications, taking into account all requirements of customer.


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